Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekend

So Friday's classes weren't so bad.
My first class, Imaging Systems, i'm a little worried about, mainly because it's kinda like drafting, very precise in it's shapes, very technical drawings. I don't like technical stuff because I like freedom in art, but this is stuff i'm going to need. If I become an animator, I need to have a wide variety in my art. After Imaging Systems is basically my hey play with clay!' class.
That's exciting actually, i'm looking forward to that!

The weekend was amazingly awesome because Mike came to visit! He was really shaken up by the transit system because he hates it, so we walked home and took some time to relax. Around lunch time we weren't really hungry because his nerves were still a bit shot and I had had a bit of a later breakfast, so in hopes of making ourselves hungry, we walked to my school. I showed him around a bit like the cafe, photography wing, looked at the displays, and showed him a life drawing class (not in progress). He seemed to really like the school, but there wasn't much else to see, so walking past residence, we headed over to Artisano, that bakery I was talking about!
When we got there I wasn't sure if he wanted to eat there but once we started to see things we liked it was ok. We decided to share a four cheese pizza, which it was really good! Though I had to eat it with a fork and knife, lets just say I wasn't a graceful eater that day.

After our filling lunch, we went back to my place and relaxed a bit more. Socialized with the roomies and were all giddy with each other. It had only been a week since I last saw Mike, but with school it felt like so much longer, and seeing him, the excitement was so much stronger.
I guess it's because we know we won't be able to see each other as much, and being at such a distance really makes our hearts grow fonder.

Well, after our little break, we decided to hit up the mall to kill some energy, maybe get us hungry for dinner. We went through The Bay and went into the main part of the mall. After going to HMV we were like, man, could totally go for an Orange Julius right now, so we went to the food court in search of it. We thought we found it, but when we rounded the bend, it was some different company, like, Jugo Juices or something like that, maybe Fruit Jugo. They claimed they would be better than Orange Julius (they never heard of it before though), so we were like hmmm well ok... they were definatly not as good as Orange Julius but it was still good!

We walked around a bit more though when the mall announced they would be closed in 10 minutes, we booked it back to the Bay. We looked at these nice Bench sweaters I liked, but all of them were either $85 or $95 and I was like. No.

So then we headed to the upper levels, as we were walking towards the doors, Mike stops and says "Laura... I just wanna see."
I turn around and he's standing in front of the children's section where winter coats were on display. I kinda looked at him, then the coats, then back at him. I sighed, with a smirk tugging at the corner of my lip "oooh fine, ok."
The result?


We headed back home once they announced the mall was closed (didn't want locked in!), and started to make dinner which was a chicken pasta dinner with sour dough bread from the bakery. It was so good! After washin' up our dishes, we headed upstairs and took it easy. When we finally headed to bed, it was really hot but managed to sleep ok. I kept waking up early in the morning and going back to sleep, I really need new blinds or a thick curtain cause the blinds don't shut all the way so it's bright in the room around 6 in the morning.

Mike and I lazed about in the bed till 11 'cause we wanted to just totally take a relaxing day, plus it was raining. We had our showers, then headed downstairs. I made him french toast for brekky because he said he hasn't had it in a long time.
The first two french toasts were failures because they kept sticking to the pan (it's an old pan), but then that caused the last two to fail because burnt bits were getting stuck to them.
Either way, they were kinda good, I want to use different bread next time.

After breakfast we went upstairs again, we were both really tired and at one point I thought he was sleeping (though he wasn't really) so I fell asleep. Aparently I was in such a deep sleep, Mike ran his fingers through my hair a couple times and I didn't wake up. Anyway, we had to leave at 3:50 to catch the 4:20 train. We were almost late, though Mike got on his train just in time. I waited to see him off, but suddenly he jumped off. He wasn't sure he was on the right train, we asked someone to get reassured, but then the train left on him. Turns out it was the right bus, but I wasn't complaining. I know he wanted to get home to get it out the way (not because he wanted to leave me), but I was glad to wait with him for another hour. Plus I managed to cheer him up because he was bummed about it.

His train arrived again, we said our goodbyes, and as the train pulled away, seeing him through the glass, leaving to go home was the hardest thing to watch. I turned away and had to hold back the tears because there were so many people, I didn't want people to watch me cry.

For all the times he'll be visiting me, and i'll be visiting him, I don't think i'll ever get used to watching him leave.

- Laura
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