Friday, September 28, 2012

Borderlands 2

Between electives and being on top of film work, i've been able to set time aside to enjoy Borderlands 2, and i've been enjoying it immensely! If you're thinking about picking it up, I highly recommend playing the first game, while not entirely necessary, I think you'll understand more and overall get a deeper understanding and appreciation for everything in the second game.

Anyway, our internet has been out for about a week, thankfully it's back now but I created some critters that I thought would be cool to see in the Borderlands universe. Allow me to introduce you to them!

Species: Unknown - Have yet to be given a name.

Found in caves, this creature blends with the surroundings by digging themselves a nook, sitting still, and waiting.

These creatures eat a lot, their tongues are much like frogs and can snap out at any moment and for a long distance. The tongue itself is covered in a very thick mucus that causes corrosive damage if it catches prey. Not knowing when to stop eating, they often have swollen throats full of loot. The upper jaw has several rows of hooked back teeth, a death sentence for anyone who can't get away by the time its tongue drags you in.
Their main diet consists of scags or spiderants, however, since humans started to move into the caves for refuge, it has been easier to snag a meal and has contributed to their exponential growth in size. Originally, this creature could easily swallow only younger creatures, but have been growing to sizes comparable to the light runner vehicles.

If you stumble upon this beast, it is dangerous to take on by yourself. The tongue can be eventually broken by multiple melee hits and is highly resistant to corrosive. Critical area would be the throat, but considering how much these guys eat, be prepared for anything when it bursts open!

Species: Charger

Found in the Highlands, Chargers can be found in herds of 2 - 4 with perhaps a few adolescents. At a distance these creatures are no threat, but if engaged they will scatter and regroup to charge. Their heads and necks are protected by strong plates, so it's best to shoot them in their flanks. Like scags, if they challenge you by exposing their open mouths, that is where you'll find the critical area.

Their claws are flat on the ends so they can easily traverse grassy and rocky terrains without sacrificing speed. Chargers have long thick horns on their bottom jaw, when charging they'll often throw their heads back once they make contact, and the horns throw their opponents away from them. This gives the Chargers time to regroup and attack again.

Generally, there is one leader to the herd, often times it'll be coloured different. If the leader is taken down first, the rest of the herd will not attack collectively, and are generally easier to take down.

Chargers feed on stalkers and threshers, which is why they travel in herds. It's easier to take one of these creatures down as a whole than if solo.