Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Site

So i've updated my website!
I wish I could afford paying for an ad free site but I guess you gotta make due with what you can. Take a look!
Just Life

Christmas Sins

Between my new load of commissions and figuring out my holiday, i've started working on a personal project to keep me sane. Basically I am drawing my interpretation of the seven deadly sins. I refuse to look online for examples because I don't want to have someone elses ideas floating around in my head. Not like I would copy ideas but I want this purely out of my imagination.
So far I only have two to share with you, Lust still being in production you could say.

And here's a few fun Christmas spirit pictures to share with you all.
Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008


It's almost Christmas, I hope you have all your shopping done!
As for me, just need to wrap em' all up!
Oakville has gotten a bit more snow, though I doubt it'll be around tomorrow evening. Mom picked me up this past weekend and we went to Tillsonburg to visit my papa. There was so much snow that hit in the span of 7 hours. I got a few photos, though Fergus still has their amazingly huge amount of snow. I'm not surprised, snow belt n' all.
Anyway here's a few pictures to keep you amused. The dragon was just an old sketch I needed to finish, and the other one was a commission.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Behind the Lense

So this weekend I went to visit Mike.
One of our plans was to go downtown Hamilton to take photos on Saturday, but it was too cold. Mike's mom is fixing his winter jacket, so in the meantime all he has is sweaters. That's hardly enough in the cold weather we're getting now.
Though we decided on a quick change of plans.
Instead of going home Sunday, I decided to go home Monday instead. I had already handed in my homework so I wasn't missing out on anything. That being said, Sunday turned out to be a lot warmer, so we took this opportunity to bus down to the town.
After we got back and warmed up, we went to put up the photos on the photoshop account Mike has, but his limit was full. We decided to make a joint account at Shutterfly, since whenever there is any 'serious' photo taking going on, i'm with Mike.
Please check it out! Behind the Lense
Unfortunately by switching to shutterfly, the quality of our photos isn't so good because they are not at full resolution like they should. Benefit to this site is it has unlimited photo uploads. Unlimited photo uploads is good enough for us, we just want to share our adventures while in school/stranded.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If all you had was three friends, and a population of zombies ahead of you, what would you do?
Well hell, the fetal postion isn't going to help!
Pick up that damn assault rifle and start shooting!

Left 4 Dead is a four player co-operative that takes you through the ultimate struggle for survival. Zombies stagger, pounce, run and even puke at you around each bend. If you're not listening or keeping your eyes sharp, you'll find yourself left for dead.
It is important that you stick together, no amount of running off will benefit you or the others.

Left 4 Dead is a unique game. It has what is called the AI Director. The purpose of the AI director is to analyze your playing style, your skill, and how well you can work with a team. The AI then uses this knowledge, and plans the game around you.
For instance, say if you were running ahead, not waiting for your team, it is more likely you'll be swarmed by a throng of zombies on your own.
Think of it as a punishment for wandering off.

The AI director will change the game up every time you play, therefore no matter how often you play, the zombies will spawn differently. This provides more interest, and doesn't allow real strategy. It really is a struggle for survival.

As you play, you realize how detailed the game is. There are elements that make the situation feel so real. The lighting, while very limited, is perfect for making paranoia pick at your senses. The environment itself is very interactive towards the players and the zombies. There are many doors and buildings you can pick through (if you take the time), as well as car alarms to watch out for. Windows and roofs far above your head can house zombies, waiting to pounce.

The PC version allows for finer details such as rain, and more realistic graphics though the Xbox 360 version is still very good.

As a gamer myself, I find even on my own I enjoy Left 4 Dead. Though my only complaint is the bots keep stealing my kills. Though they're probably not happy that I try to kill the witch every time I come across one.
I have to comment on how real the bodies react to gunfire. In a full charge, if you manage to kill a zombie, they'll trip and fall, they'll stumble forward, or fall to their knees, look dazed and fall over dead... again... since I guess they're the undead. As morbid as it sounds, it's interesting to watch the bodies. The worst is when they are charging towards you, you kill them, but their momentum keeps them running forward, flying at your feet to leave your screen splattered in blood.

My overall thoughts on Left 4 Dead, is that it is an excellent game. I love how you can play it over and over again, and while the environment is the same, the attack patterns are different. Perhaps more variety in guns would be nice, but i'll live.
My tv screen is dark to begin with (despite my efforts to brighten it up without looking like crap), so it makes it difficult to shoot zombies accurately.
Achievements are really easy to get and are nothing to really boast about. Usually it's all about luck because half of them you couldn't get if you tried.
Trust me, I know.

I think the next thing to do on my part is to get the Wrecking Crew to consider at least renting it. That way I can lure the poor guys into buying it and then I have game buddies :)

That's an issue though, because it is only 4 player co-op, people will be left out. And when it comes to the Crew, we all like to be involved together. That's why despite Gears 2, Halo 3 is still our preferred game.

Anyway, I like L4D, it's a bit easy to get through the first two stories, but that's only because i'm on my own, and on normal. I can't even imagine how hard it would be on advanced or expert *shudders*

I'm going to surf a bit of the nets, then if i'm still awake; download the new 360 dashboard. Oh... it's available in 20 minutes. I guess I could stay up.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


You know when you lose an earing, and you think you have an idea of where it fell... but it's not there? Well that is kind of what is happening with me right now. Except with HTML.
Or CSS I really don't know what the hell it is.
I understand code to a certain extent, and right now i'm trying to look for the code I need to delete.
Though I can't find it. There's just so much to sort through.
Like at the top there, it says pictures and videos. I at least want to link those up so they GO somewhere but I can't. Not until I find the blasted code. And at the right corner there, RSS, Technorati, and Delicious? I have to clue what the heck those are, and I don't think i'll be able to get rid of them.
We'll see, just bear with me folks! The confusion is almost over!
.... maybe almost over.
No promises.


Why is there a picture of tuna?
After walking to school in the drizzling rain, finding class was cancelled, then walking back, I raided my food cupboard. I looked at the can of Tuna in there, wondering when i'll take time to actually prepare it. So I read the ingredients Skipjack Tuna, something, and water. I was curious what it looked like, so when I searched it, this is what I found.
I remember when I was younger, I was all about the animals, screw the Barbie whore. I had a random little plastic fish that looked just like this one. I always had it in the bath with me, along with my dinosaurs and puppy in my pockets. A lot of my puppy in my pockets were amputees because the lawn mower attacked them. That's ok, I drew their faces back on.
I saved their lives with markers.

Shouldn't Have Commented

Mainly because then I was tagged over at, lets get it over with!

1. Were you named after anyone?
I think I got my middle name, Elizabeth, from my nana. That's about it though.

2. Do you still have your tonsils?
I got them removed awhile back. Considering how young I was, I remember quite a bit of what happened. There's not much to remember anyway, but I remember the surgical room, the gas, the two nurses on either side of me. Then I remember waking up and I think I started crying so mom and dad came to my side.
When I came home, I laid on the couch with some gingerale and Tara was sniffing over me, seeing if I was ok. I miss that dog.

3. Would you bungee jump?
There are far better things I would rather indulge in. Like food and expensive wine.

4. What is your favorite cereal?
Well, when I discovered Fruity Cheerios, I instantly fell in love with them. Though the runner up has to be Mini Wheats

5. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

It depends how tired I am after walking home from school. Or if it was wet outside, i'll take them off, or if I stepped in poo (has yet to happen) *knock on wood*

6. What is your favorite ice cream?
Oreo, Rolo, Mint, yeah I like those, but my favourite has to be good old french vanilla.
It good with mandarin oranges on top too!

7. What is the first thing you notice about people?
I have to agree with Christie on this one. It's the vibe I get, but i'm actually quite a shy person. Wether it's good or a bad vibe, I generally don't immerse myself into conversation until i'm around them longer

8. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?

Hah, yes, I procrastinate. There are too many amazing distractions, like boyfriends, video games... memes.

9. What was the last thing you ate?

Uh, a banana last night. It's still the morning and I really gotta get ready after i'm finished with this.

10. What are you listening to right now?
The sound of the heater in my room.

11. Last movie you watched?
A movie called Kickin' It. It was an ESPN movie mom rented. The idea was interesting, but overall I was a little bored. Basically it is about people who want to make a difference in the homeless lives. They organise a soccer team from each country, then enter them into a world wide competition. They win trophies, but if they lose; they lose. There are important lessons to be learned in this competition.
12. What did you dream about last night?
I should have filled this out the other night because there was no dream last night.

13. What book are you reading?

I just finished Eclipse by Stephanie Myer. I gotta get myself the final book, Breaking Dawn.
I am really excited!

14. Summer or winter?
I think i'll have to go with Summer. Advantage to winter is it can be pretty, and you can always bundle up more to be warmer. Summer, you can only dress down so much before your walking nude in public. Though the sunny days and poolside relaxation is hard to beat.
I just need to get a pool.

15. Do you have any special talents?

Art. Hah, definatly art. My artistic eye helps me a bit in photography, that's fun. Bad assness is a special talent too. How do you get that? Play Halo and hold your own against the tough guys ; )

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Hours

... and a sore back later, I finally finished my 2D project.
The idea was to create a small, basic image that represents something in either September, October, or November. Naturally, I went for my most favourite celebration; Halloween.
From there we were to create a linear then redraw it onto illustration board. Similar to the architectural project:

We had to paint it black and white, one colour, and one desaturated. The desaturated we just use the colour we chose, and use different shades of grey.
I'm pretty pleased with the end result.
I mean, after 10 hours of work I should be!

And for the record, it was damn hard to paint with gouache.

Oh! and in life drawing class, one of my images are going to be put on display in the school!
It's exciting for me :P

Life Drawing 11/01

First installment of Novembers life drawings!
The first few here are actually from October, but hey, i'm posting them in November.
Cause I can.


These are just a few doodles.
Sorry if the images seem a little dark, I just don't like using the flash to take photos.

It's November

OMG Hai guyz it's November! Know what that means?
It's a new month! Know what that means?
It's almost December! Know what that means?



Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So, this year I won't be able to go home for Halloween.
Since there also seems to be nothing going on in Fergus, Mike isn't going home either. That being said, Mike told me this is the first year, his mom isn't going to carve a pumpkin (since she is alone). I said we should carve one anyway, then take a picture and send it to her. Kinda like, hai we did a pumpkin for you!
... but then what the heck are we going to do with it?
There's no where to put it in residence, especially on the 3rd floor.

So as a solution to this problem, Mike suggested we leave the pumpkin on a random lawn and run. Then we thought that would be funny if we did that every night.
Then we got into the discussion of how it would be funny to put garden knomes on the lawn in stead. Or buy 100 of them, then put it all on their lawn at once.

What's your plan for Halloween?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reading Week

Well, reading week flew by fast. Like, really fast, though i'm kinda glad to be back in Oakville. I enjoyed seeing my mom and friends, but in Oakville I can be lazy and sleep a lot.

Wednesday I was with Shelly and got all my Christmas shopping done! Well, almost all. I just need to buy a gift for my best friend, Kirsty. We also hit up the LCBO.

Thursday I went to Guelph with Brittany, where we had lunch at an Irish inspired pub. I opened my birthday gift from her, which was a cute joke book and New Moon.
I then broke the credit card machine, and we got the heck out of there. After wards we went to Chapters and sat on the floor looking through art and photography books. Brittany ended up skipping her class so we could look through books longer.

After that we went to Christie and Colleens place at residence. We chilled for a bit, went to the grocery store, bought stuff and headed back. The three of us headed out to Casey's soon after. The dinner was excellent, and I had ordered myself a... nevermind, I can't remember.
It was fruity though.
When we got back to res, I had a few beers, Christie drank with me, but it was pretty uneventful. The tv was a good distraction to everyone but whatever, I got to have a nice visit.

Friday my best friend Kirsty came over to live with me for the next few days. I made messed peanut butter cookies that turned out more awesome the next day. I also hit up the LCBO where I bought 1.75 L of awesome. That's it up there, and there I am in my not so awesome pj's.
I want new glasses.

Friday night was a chill night, rented some movies (Doomsday, and the Other Boelyn Girl?), and went to bed kinda early. Saturday was chill too, until Lola and Lauryn came over. We ordered pizza (delivery guy was kind of a douche) and started the drinking! Hit up the Newf and ordered drinks there too. After we head back I decided I had enough and stuck to water, soon after we all headed for bed. It was a bit of an early night, but we also had started early too. (Me on the right)

Suuuunday morning was a bit of an early morning. Well, too early for me. 9:20 is too early.
However, having Lola and Kirsty sleep over, I thought I should get up. Especially since Kirsty was awake.
I was getting hungry too so that's a good motivator.
We had breakfast and it was kind of a pack up and go day. Kirsty and Lola left, mom picked me up n' I talked to Mike on the phone. And here I am reeeeally needing the bathroom so i'm wrapping this up.
Night folks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Already my mind is in over drive thinking about Christmas. It's because i'm stuck in Oakville all of November, so if I can figure out some stuff now, it'll be less running around by Christmas.
I wanted to get Mike a Rammstein, Volkerball zippo, but it's 45.00 EUR, then another 25 for shipping. As much as I know he would love that, I really can't afford spending basically $110.00 CAN for something so small. Maybe someday I can afford to spend money on small things like that, but this year people will have to deal with gift cards and small gifts.

Tomorrow i'm going to be with my friend Shelly, she's going to have to put up with being dragged downtown, then up to the mall and back. I don't think she minds that much though.

How about you guys? Needing to stress over gifts or anything?


So this was a project I did over a week ago. Basically you were to draw an interesting composition that involved architecture, and using india ink or a tech pen, you were to shade it in. I chose a photo that I had taken during one of our factory adventures, though I had to take Mike and the grass out. The requirements was no 'organics' were allowed.

So the steps:
- Draw rough copy on bond paper
- Tape on a piece of tracing paper (Linear)
- Trace rough copy
- Flip over tracing paper, scribble pencil across the back
- Tap tracing paper to illustration board, redraw over traced lines
- Ink illustration board

From start to finish: 9 1/2 hours
I chose to ink my project in such a way that it was sorta grungy, and messy.
I did this because I wanted it to represent industry.


During our Thanksgiving break, we also had Monday off
so Mike and I grabbed my moms camera, and set off to the graveyard.

It's been awhile

So I guess I should try and sum up my two weeks.
Here we go!

Thanksgiving was awesome.
Saturday morning I went to a local breakfast place where I got to catch up with some of my friends. After wards, I picked up Mike from Zehrs and did a few things while I was there. We had dinner with my mom that evening. It was nice to see her and be able to spend some time with her.

Sunday I picked up Mike from work again as his mom was busy cooking at home. When we arrived to his place, his family was already there and waiting for us. Mike got ready upstairs which gave me some time to catch up with his family. There was lots and lots of food, which when you're a student, family meals like this is a god send.

Now fast forward >>

Birthday. I didn't do anything on the actual day, but a lot of people called me. I was sick of the phone, though it was nice to hear from people. Mike won the birthday race and called me in the morning, then after coming back home from class, I got a call from papa, mom, mike, christie, kaillie, dad, then I had to call Christie back.
I kinda felt bad because I had been hogging the phone all night, so thankfully Christie was open to Skyping instead.

Mom was working all weekend and couldn't pick me up until the following Monday, so Mike came down. We chilled the Friday after he arrived, he had a cold and was really stressed out from trying to figure out the train/bus. Normally he comes down on a Saturday but we've started Fridays now.
He also gave me my gift! The card he got me was awesome because it said cake! But using his creative side, he drew the portal cake on the front, then drew the companion cube inside. I actually thought it was part of the card at first, until he told me he drew it. Kinda has more meaning because he drew the stuff on, I think anyway.

He got me a nice candle holder, which when I get back to Oakville, i'll take a picture of it. He also got me a Labbit. I have never seen them before, so I hope he wasn't offended when I had to take a few seconds to stare at it. Its really really cool, and comes with four different attachments that you can stick in its mouth. It's like a cuter version of Mr.Potato Head. I enjoyed the gifts, and even though i'm not allowed to have candles in my room, i'll still get a few tealights for those nights that I just need to relax.

Saturday we went to the mall and chugged double shot, Starbucks cappuccino things in the mini cans. Then we proceeded to get silly. I wanted to go to the toy section in Sears, and I ended up attacking him with Hulk plush hands. The Saturday night we went to East Side's, enjoyed some yummy food, and I ordered a raspberry, triple sec and tequila drink. It was really good!

Sunday was kind of a slow, sleepy day. It usually is because we know Sunday is the day we go our seperate ways. Though, it got more exciting at night when Mike decided he would stay until Monday, that way mom could drive him back to Hamilton.

We watched Ratatouille Sunday night because neither of us had seen it, and we're limited for movies at my place. It was actually really good! I didn't know what to expect since it never really struck me as interesting before.

Now i'm back home, tomorrow i'll probably go to the neighboring town and find possible Christmas gifts. I'm starting early folks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My birthday is coming up! Yay!

Though as time slowly ticks by, I can't help but think about what i'm going to get people for Christmas. My dads birthday is coming up too.
Damnit people! Why do you have to be so hard to shop for?? GAWD. Actually... I just got an idea...
I can't say anything here though in case dad happens to read my blog. Can't have any oopsie slips!

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Month

So it's October, fwoot!
October means, Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food and family. It also means an awesome celebration; Halloween.
Of course, we can't forget my birthday is coming up too *grins*. I'll finally be 19, and I feel that's the last step out of young teenager-hood. I'll be able to buy my own drinks, when I go out with friends I can order a casual drink. It'll be nice to finally have this freedom!
I never asked for anything for my birthday, just money. Every single dollar will help me throughout school, and that's a gift worth more than anything to me.
Anyway I don't have much else to report lately, no big projects to show off, hahah.
Oh and here's the painting from last week that did so well.

Monday, September 29, 2008


So Mike and I took some photos this weekend, and a few of them turned out very well! We hope to use the iPhoto 'make a book' function with our good photos in it (eventually). Here are a few of my favourites, if you want to see the rest, visit: under Hamilton.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Anima

So I had a dream the other night and I was a creature called 'The Anima' ( I basically ended a war between two bases, modern tribes, whatever. One base was of industry, with weapons and walls and floors of rust colour steel. The other base was more magic based. The walls and floors were concrete here but there were random vines and streams. Water trickled down the walls too. So these two bases were at war, and I came into exsistence. The magic base took me to the industrial base where I was chained down. They said I was too dangerous to have around. I didn't understand why I was so dangerous though, or why I was there.
Anyway, from what I took from the dream, I developed the Anima as a creature. Here we go!

The Anima are solitary creatures, living in a space parallel to our world, with no life or colour. The Anima are attracted to magic, when a being in our world chooses to cast magic, it creates a small opening in the Anima's world. The Anima will seek out this magic opening as fast as they can, for when the spellcaster is finished with their spell, the opening closes instantly.

In my dream as an Anima, I crawled through a bright, green haze, and I could see the spellcaster ahead of me. I could see her begin to panic because I was coming to the real world and she couldn't cancel out her magic in time. I reached out and the pads of my fingers stuck to the thin barrier between reality, and the Anima's world. As the barrier broke, it made me think of melted seran wrap, the way it stuck to my fingers and stretched, creating circular holes.

Young Anima (who are lucky to make it) do not understand what they are to do when then enter reality. They simply know they are attracted to magic. As they become older, the craving for magic turns them from docile, to more aggressive creatures. They kill magic users in order to absorb the magic for themselves, which upon absorbing, will give them more power and help them grow.

The Anima come in many colours, but generally keep the same features such as big paw like feet, fur, and ribbed horns. Their fur matches the main colour of their skin, where the rest of the skin is always white, or a very washed out tone of their main colour.
For instance, I was an Anima in my dream, my fur and skin were close to royal blue, and the rest (white spots on the image above minus fur) was a very light blue.
The Anima's fur and skin is very delicate and soft, and their horns very durable. It explains why they are sold for so much money, ranging from $300, 000 - $500,000 USD for full pelts. Taxadermists have yet to perfect a way to preserve the Anima's form, as it deteriorates faster than normal biological creatures/beings.

Once they have reached adulthood, powerful Anima will seek each other out to mate. Female Anima's are much larger than males, and it is the females who fight for the right to mate.
For a size comparison, the young females would be the size of a Great Dane, and the adult females can get up to the size of an African Rhino (couldn't think of any other comparisons :P )
However, not many make it to reality, only about 15 a year, and half of them get slaughtered and sold for a high price.

Breeding can only happen in reality, and once the mating period of several weeks is over, the female will either ingest the dead or dying male who is too weak from mating (for extra energy). Using her own magic, she sucks herself back into the dark world from where they came.
She will give birth to a live litter of 2 - 4 younglings at around 6 months, and take care of them for several months. After the several months are over, the mother will pass away, leaving her youngsters to feed off her carcass and absorb the left over magic for themselves. This magic will allow them to grow a little more until they can find a magic portal.

Not many Anima's make it to reality, and because they are the only things living in their world, they feed on each other, though they do not need to feed often. They are solitary creatures that are constantly on the move in hopes of finding a magic portal.

Ms.McSneaks Weekend Sneakies

So Saturday dad came over to visit, so I got up early to get ready.
Though, while in the shower I was thinking how if dad took me home that evening, I could surprise mom, and then Mike the next day. So after getting ready, I nipped downstairs and long story short; got everything planned through Mike's mom.

Dad arrived and I made him breakfast, we socialized with my roomies and then headed out for a bit of exploring. We first headed down to the waterfront and found out there was a pathway. Finding parking was really difficult but eventually we did. Walked along there for a bit and found a nice bench to sit on and catch up. We went back to the house and picked up San and Jamie, then headed over to my school. Jamie was kind enough to show us around the animation department, and after San and her went to their extra life drawing class, I showed dad around the rest of the school; or, at least my wing. Afterwards dad and I explored the down town shops, which was pretty cool, a lot of paintings were for sale on the streets.
It was getting late and I still needed to hit up the LCBO so we headed on over there, picked up wine (for Mike and I's dinner), then nipped over to The Keg. I ordered a Keg Size prime rib and I fell in love, oooh my goodness it was so. good.
We enjoyed our yummy dinner, then started on our way back to Fergus. Dad was really tired so he simply dropped me off and headed back to his hotel. The next day he had the market so he needed to be up early.

So as I walked in the door, Sudzy typically came running up, though i'm sure he was expecting mom. Hi Sudzy! He instantly started purring before I even touched him, and for 40 minutes, I sat in front of the tv, petting my happy cat while watching some x-men cartoon, then Transformers animated came on. By the way, concerning the x-men cartoon I was watching, yeah, I was angry because the style in which they were drawn, emphasizes an impossible human form. No wonder self-esteem is so low.

It was getting closer to the time mom had to come home, so I hid in my sisters room. Mom came home, Sudzy went to see her, but then he stood in front of my sisters room because he knew I was in there. I was watching him from around the corner of the closet, and he kept looking back at my mom then back into the room. He then walked in and meowed at my feet.
I felt like he was trying to get my mom to come into the room to see me.
He shut up after two mews, mom walked by and went into my room for the computer. She failed to notice all my stuff in the corner by the closet, so I stalked down the hall, poked my head around the corner and smiled
“You weren’t lying when you said you were getting addicted to that computer.”
She just kinda stared at me for a second then said, “how did you get here??”

We had a long chit-chat and went to bed. She slept in for work, so I got up at 8, ate breakfast and watched a bit of tv. Mike’s mom picked me up at 9:30 and we headed over to the house. She walked in first, but I had to shut the door, which makes a bit of a click. Thankfully Mike didn’t think anything of it. So his mom went into the kitchen, they exchanged a few words, and when he wasn’t paying attention, I scratched his back a bit, He looked back and I ended up startling him because I was the last person he expected to be there. My legs were all shakey because I was so excited to see him.
Anyway we went to Church (new experience for me), I really enjoyed the experience and would totally go again! It was fun to see people I knew and get a bit more insight from something I really don’t know much about. I’ll admit I was a bit lost a few times but that’s ok. Afterwards Mike and I headed over to Walmart because we needed to pick up some stuff, plus to kill a bit of time. I had dinner at his place, we played Dutch Blitz (I will totally own you someday Mike… you watch) and my friend Dana picked us up. She goes to the same school as Mike, as well as my friend Cassidy, so I got to see them before I made her drop me off at home. Mom got off work and soon after she drove me home.
It was nice to surprise everyone, but I don’t think I would do it again if mom was working like she was.

Oh, and I have more art to share. I'll post it next week in a giant art poop. I want my painting back that I did this week, it friggen pwned (top in the class ya'll!).

And my xbox live group loves me. This all happened in a span of 8 seconds, and thats not even all the messages hahah. Thanks guys ^_^;

Oh! And we got our first official challenges!
Unfortunately I won't be able to play alongside the Crew but that's ok, i'll be recording the final scores here: X3F Wrecking Crew (I made the site for them). It will be under 'Challenges'.
I'm seeing Mike this weekend! I'm leaving Friday instead this time instead of the usual Saturday morning, so I hope it's all good.
I really need to get to bed.

- Laura

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So Saturday dad came over to visit, so I got up early to get ready. Though, while in the shower I was thinking how if dad took me home that evening, I could surprise mom, and then Mike the next day. So after getting ready, I nipped downstairs and long story short; got everything planned through Mike's mom.
So dad arrived, I made him breakfast, we socialized with my roomies, then headed out for a bit of exploring. We first headed down to the water front and found out there was a pathway. Finding parking was really difficult but eventually we did. Walked along there for a bit and found a nice bench to sit on and catch up. We went back to the house and picked up San and Jamie, then headed over to my school.
Jamie was kind enough to show us around the animation department, and after San and her went to their extra life drawing class, I showed dad around the rest of the school. Or, at least my wing. After wards dad and I explored the down town shops, which was pretty cool, a lot of paintings were for sale on the streets.
It was getter later and I still needed to hit up the LCBO so we headed on over there, picked up wine (for Mike and I's dinner), then nipped over to The Keg. I ordered a Keg Size prime rib and I fell in love, oooh my goodness it was so. good.
We enjoyed our yummy dinner, then started on our way back to Fergus. Dad was really tired so he simply dropped me off and headed back to his hotel. The next day he had the market so he needed to be up early.

So as I walked in the door, Sudzy typically came running up, though i'm sure he was expecting mom. Hi Sudzy! He instantly started purring before I even touched him, and for 40 minutes, I sat infront of the tv, petting my happy cat while watching some xmen cartoon, then Transformers animated came on.
It was getting closer to the time mom had

Monday, September 15, 2008

Police Investigation

Ok well, first on Friday we had a model in our 3D class which is basically sculpting. We had to draw a profile view and frontal view, but she turned in her chair to face a different direction every 3 minutes. Needless to say, it was pretty annoying.
Then from our drawings we had to sculpt the side profile view, which I managed to do ok, though the nose is too big!

So then came Saturday and I was really excited because it was my turn to visit Mike! I hit up No Frills and picked up some goods. It was super humid but it was spitting a bit outside, which was really nice to keep me a bit cooled down. At about 8:10am, I got to the train station and my train was cancelled. They didn't tell me why, but they were providing GO buses to take us en route all the way to Hamilton.

While I was waiting for the bus, there was a guy who was on his phone saying there was a fatality on the tracks. I wasn't sure how to take that because he could have been speaking figuratively. When we finally reached Hamilton, I was the only one on the bus and I asked the bus driver why the trains were cancelled. She paused a bit and hummed and hawwed and finally said, "Lets just say there is a police investigation."

Fair enough.


So Mike met me and we were happy happy! and then we walked to the next bus spot to be taken to his residence. Mike was telling me there was a lady in the bus station who was yelling the KKK stole her boots and there was a mass genocide against her race... she was also caucasian. White.
She was a bit crazy. Then she started saying, "You Canadians are so fucking stupid, don't even know where the pharmacy is!" and someone yelled out,
"If you don't like Canada, go back home you crazy bitch!"

So anyway, we arrived at residence, I signed in, and got to see his room. I really like it, it's cozy! Which, maybe he doesn't think its cozy, but I think it is. We chilled for a bit at first, then walked over to Walmart and got some stuff at the strip mall. Only minutes after we got home, it started to piss pour outside. We decided to have our pasta lunch with a rosemary bun thing with a fancy name that I bought at Artisano's.. phew run on sentance! : D

Mike showed me around his school and I got to see some of his classes. Over night we had Guru for the first time (it was good! though made us feel a bit sick), we watched the movie Postal (hilarious!), and watched lots of Code Monkeys. It was really fun!
I had a bit of difficulty falling asleep, mainly cause i'm not used to someone next to me, though I eventually fell asleep.

In the morning we lounged around in bed then had this chocolate chunk flakey thing cereal, it's made by presidents choice. It's ok, but I would never buy it again. At 6:05pm, we headed down to the local transit so I had lots of time to find my bus at the Hamilton Go Center. I miss him so much, and I woulda looked over and waved when I got in the bus, but it started moving sooner than I expected and nearly fell onto someone, hahah. Anyway, got home safely, walked home in the rain, and thought I got locked out the house but simply didn't push the door hard enough.

Anyway, today was my first life drawing session, yay!
and srsly, old people have odd shapes cause their skin sags down,
not just breasts but everything else too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It Has Arrived!

Photoshop CS3 Extended! Mom brought it with her today and I was so excited! The only disappointment I had was; it was lacking that fresh smell. Like when you climb into a new car, or open a new book. Yea, a fail on that department.

So folks, when you buy any Adobe product, there is one important thing you have to remember...


It's super easy to set up though, only took me a few minutes. I'm lovin' it so far, loads up super fast, looks great. I was explaining to my sister I was using Photoshop Elements and it went something like this:

yea rly, but I am glad too. Was kinda crap working with elements, but it did the job I guess

elements whats that?

Photoshop Elements is like the difference between a baguette to a baguette with dressing, ham and fresh swiss cheese with a side of pasta salad

oh wow

True no? Photoshop users would agree!
And I have something to make you jealous. Ready?

Uh huh, giggity giggity aww riight.

- Laura

... I really need to go to bed