Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If all you had was three friends, and a population of zombies ahead of you, what would you do?
Well hell, the fetal postion isn't going to help!
Pick up that damn assault rifle and start shooting!

Left 4 Dead is a four player co-operative that takes you through the ultimate struggle for survival. Zombies stagger, pounce, run and even puke at you around each bend. If you're not listening or keeping your eyes sharp, you'll find yourself left for dead.
It is important that you stick together, no amount of running off will benefit you or the others.

Left 4 Dead is a unique game. It has what is called the AI Director. The purpose of the AI director is to analyze your playing style, your skill, and how well you can work with a team. The AI then uses this knowledge, and plans the game around you.
For instance, say if you were running ahead, not waiting for your team, it is more likely you'll be swarmed by a throng of zombies on your own.
Think of it as a punishment for wandering off.

The AI director will change the game up every time you play, therefore no matter how often you play, the zombies will spawn differently. This provides more interest, and doesn't allow real strategy. It really is a struggle for survival.

As you play, you realize how detailed the game is. There are elements that make the situation feel so real. The lighting, while very limited, is perfect for making paranoia pick at your senses. The environment itself is very interactive towards the players and the zombies. There are many doors and buildings you can pick through (if you take the time), as well as car alarms to watch out for. Windows and roofs far above your head can house zombies, waiting to pounce.

The PC version allows for finer details such as rain, and more realistic graphics though the Xbox 360 version is still very good.

As a gamer myself, I find even on my own I enjoy Left 4 Dead. Though my only complaint is the bots keep stealing my kills. Though they're probably not happy that I try to kill the witch every time I come across one.
I have to comment on how real the bodies react to gunfire. In a full charge, if you manage to kill a zombie, they'll trip and fall, they'll stumble forward, or fall to their knees, look dazed and fall over dead... again... since I guess they're the undead. As morbid as it sounds, it's interesting to watch the bodies. The worst is when they are charging towards you, you kill them, but their momentum keeps them running forward, flying at your feet to leave your screen splattered in blood.

My overall thoughts on Left 4 Dead, is that it is an excellent game. I love how you can play it over and over again, and while the environment is the same, the attack patterns are different. Perhaps more variety in guns would be nice, but i'll live.
My tv screen is dark to begin with (despite my efforts to brighten it up without looking like crap), so it makes it difficult to shoot zombies accurately.
Achievements are really easy to get and are nothing to really boast about. Usually it's all about luck because half of them you couldn't get if you tried.
Trust me, I know.

I think the next thing to do on my part is to get the Wrecking Crew to consider at least renting it. That way I can lure the poor guys into buying it and then I have game buddies :)

That's an issue though, because it is only 4 player co-op, people will be left out. And when it comes to the Crew, we all like to be involved together. That's why despite Gears 2, Halo 3 is still our preferred game.

Anyway, I like L4D, it's a bit easy to get through the first two stories, but that's only because i'm on my own, and on normal. I can't even imagine how hard it would be on advanced or expert *shudders*

I'm going to surf a bit of the nets, then if i'm still awake; download the new 360 dashboard. Oh... it's available in 20 minutes. I guess I could stay up.


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