Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back 2 Back

So I was bored last night and really felt like drawing, so I asked Mike, "What should I draw?"
and the response was pretty much instant, "draw us back to back, firing MP5Ks, bullets flying."

Drawing humans are bad enough, but drawing humans that are supposed to look like someone in particular is worse. I still tried hard with this one, I am satisfied with the outcome but I think I could have done better if I wasn't so enthusiastic about getting it done for my hun. Oh well, maybe next time!

And the backgrounds, credit goes to the photo takers over on deviant art. I searched underground parking and found these two I liked the most.

What are we shooting at? ... zombies? ghosts? Idk... we don't need a reason to be intense.

Note: If they don't show up full view after clicking, just right click and then click view image.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School Trouble

Well it's not really trouble, i've just been in a bit of a hooplah and running around in a circle in the span of four weekdays. Basically I was offered a conditional offer to Animation. At first I thought this just meant it's only conditional because I haven't accepted the offer yet. So lah dee dah, over to Ontariocolleges.ca, fiddle around for 40 minutes to figure out my password and get a new one sent to me then finally, phew, accept my offer.

I thought it was all over and I was happy and celebrating!...

too soon Laura...
too soon.

I don't have four U or M level credits from highschool so I have to pass Art Fundamentals successfully instead to get in. Easy, great isn't it?
Well it would have been great had I been able to get into my english class when they were offering! I didn't worry too much at the time cause I was like ok I can't get in, but that's ok, they'll use my highschool transcript!
Nope, my transcript failed me.

So now I have to take english in the summer. At first I was really bummed about it, but really, it's once a week, at night in Oakville, assuming I can't take the same course at the UoG instead. I'll just have to get my boss to schedule my days off during when I need to go in for class.


In other news, happy easter everyone. I know it might not mean much to all of you, but at least enjoy pigging out on ham plz?? And here is my week 3 bi-weekly art submission. The rule this week was: "Either A) combine two or more characters/elements of two or more favorite content material, i.e. comics, games, movies, cartoons, etc. Or B) Amalgamate two or more characters/elements of two or more content material."

So I chose the snipers from Team Fortress 2 and Killzone 2, and stuck em' in Disney Land.