Monday, August 20, 2012


This shark is too cute. 

Summer Update

Wow, apart from the post about Alison Theus, I am months behind on an update...

Oh jeez... Well I apologize for that, I have been working on a little bit of art between working and living life. See below for the details!

Mike and I love Corgi's. So I DREW one.

I think the person was just joking when they told me to draw this.
Then I drew it, and it became real.

Somewhere in my blog i'm sure I mentioned my family loves them
miniature daschunds. I think they're absolutely adorable, but when there
is food around... it just has to be illustrated.

Caracal and a Secretary Bird. it's not really all that great of a combo
if you look at it, but with the Secretary's stabbing leg power and the Caracal's 
springy jumping capabilities... it had to be done.

A commission for 'Rooth R'agon'