Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature of Nature's Art

I can't remember how I found this guy, I think it was another artists favourite comic or something. Anyway, Zachary Braun is the creator of Secretary and 10%+, comics about animals who go into a college to unleash fighting skills. Sounds a little boring perhaps, but his style and the personalities he has given his characters are beyond any comic I have read online. Then again, any other comic I have read has been comics of humor like VG cats or Dr.McNinja. The artistic style of Nature of Nature's art is really cool, Zach really know how to portray mood through colour, and composition. 10%+ is full of colour, and I quite enjoyed watching how he told the story through images, as for many panels, there were no words, yet you understood.
Secretary focuses on small rodents, and has a very loose style. Zachary explains that rodents movements can sometimes not be seen by the human eye as it's so fast, so by exaggerating his lines, he is mimicking this fast movement, making it difficult for the reader to totally see what is happening.
Lucky for me, 10%+ was completed by the time I found it, though Secretary was probably only around page 50 (now at 151) and i'm checking every single day for an update.
Here I share one of my favourite pages from Secretary so far, I think you guys should check it out:

And the image:
(too big to put on my blog :P )