Saturday, January 31, 2009

LAN Followup

So the lan was pretty fun! It wasn't so bad. When we first got there we picked a row where we could all be next to each other, then started to crack open the energy drinks.
The organizers of the lan have to set up Steam* to all the computers once the LAN is initiated, however, that took them over 2 hours to do.
I am more of a console gamer, the PC gaming left long behind me since I didn't have the money to keep my computer up to date graphic wise. With that being said, when Steam was up and running, I didn't feel comfortable enough to play alongside people who have played PC games all their life. I did attempt to play the original Halo PC, but my reaction times were off and my co-ordination was just shot to shit by other players.
With a sigh of frustration and a few colourful words, I resigned and played Bejeweled 2 and Tetron. I did play a round of rock band on the wii, but they had it set up with hi-def cables and hadn't calibrated the tv so everything was delayed.
If there was an xbox 360 and Halo 3, I would have loved to sit down and kick ass.
Alas I wasn't so lucky so I enjoyed watching Mike play games. There was one particular row that just reeked of B.O. but it didn't really bother me, probably because I was sitting no where near them XD
So overall I had fun, by the time 10:45 rolled around, Mike and I were ready to go home. I was tired and feeling a little sick but we managed to stay awake until 1:00am until we finally passed out.
Would I go back to a Mohawk LAN? If I was invited, yes, if there was an xbox 360, yes, but probably something I wouldn't go out of my way for. It's not like a real LAN where you play the games you want with all your friends for days in comfortable couches, but it was still an experience I soon won't forget.

Steam: A library but for games. Installs on a Windows computer where you have access to the 'store' and you can buy PC games. Much like iTunes but for games. < That's Mike's clan

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm going to my first lan tonight in 30 minutes at Mike's school.
It's not a true 4 day no shower stink fest lan though, so I almost feel cheated in the experience. Oh well, this is probably the only type of lan Mike will let me go to. Not because he's embarassed to have his woman around, but because he feels bad about the smelly nerd guys.
I just don't go because I understand it's guy time.
This time it's a bit different though because his friend brought his wife today and we had a double date. Anywho i'll update lata.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deviant Art

Well, since Deviant Art is failing right now, i'm going to share this here.
I love this picture, and the words are from the song Everything to Me, by Rock Kills Kid.

Anywho, why is dA failing you ask? Well I can access my page no problem, but I can't view any messages, new deviations, or submit any new drawings. At first I thought it might have been flash needing an update, but I did that and still no change. I guess i'm just going to have to sit tight and wait until things are back up and running properly.

Soooo I give you this for fun.

Artwork Dump

Here's some art to share with you guys.

I'm a Student

I am a student, you see me? I pay a lot of money for my education, I don't have a car, and I walk in minus degree weather, rain or shine. I respect my neighborhood and the city/town? I live in.

So please, to all the drivers of Oakville making your turns, don't shake your head when myself or other students cross the road. So you missed an opportunity to make your turn because of a student. So what? Now you have to wait 5 seconds for them to get out of the way. You have to wait until the traffic gives you a chance.
Well thank goodness you're inside your heated car!

I always check before I cross the road, even if I have the white man signal. One time I did, it was clear, next thing I knew this guy was racing up, honking his horn because I took the opportunity to walk. Jesus man, calm down. Just today, a guy who was beside me started walking while I was waiting for my turn to cross my way. A car went to turn and had to abruptly stop. The driver shook his head, all angered because this guy decided to walk.

We have 30 seconds to cross the road, how do I know? There's a timer lol, but then we've gotta wait until the other traffic goes, then we gotta wait for the advance green to go, then wait for our signal. That's much longer than a driver has to wait to turn.

So please, be a little more patient. Perhaps there are more arrogant students out there that cross the road when they shouldn't, but there are a lot of us who aren't like that. Go slow, leave a little earlier if you're concerned about time.
Someday you might hit a pedestrian who was crossing because they had the right of way.
Who will look bad then?
The person you just hit because you were in a rush?
Or you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back for a New Year

*Sigh* the relaxing days have passed along with Christmas and New Years, and I have to say, I already miss them. Christmas was good, managed to see my friends and family. It was really busy up until the last two weeks, then I could kinda just enjoy the time I had left.
Now i'm back to school, three 8am classes but at least i'm off school earlier on Friday! Which means I can see Mike sooner <3. I have quite a bit of new art, mostly commissions, but a few personal things too. One of the pictures down there is depicting Mike and I when we found out about the time change. I was so happy I challenged him to wrestle, and while I didn't stand a chance, it was still fun to try. Here are some more goodies to share with you folks! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, feel free to tell me about it! (to see more art, just visit )