Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back for a New Year

*Sigh* the relaxing days have passed along with Christmas and New Years, and I have to say, I already miss them. Christmas was good, managed to see my friends and family. It was really busy up until the last two weeks, then I could kinda just enjoy the time I had left.
Now i'm back to school, three 8am classes but at least i'm off school earlier on Friday! Which means I can see Mike sooner <3. I have quite a bit of new art, mostly commissions, but a few personal things too. One of the pictures down there is depicting Mike and I when we found out about the time change. I was so happy I challenged him to wrestle, and while I didn't stand a chance, it was still fun to try. Here are some more goodies to share with you folks! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, feel free to tell me about it! (to see more art, just visit http://crazy-dragon.deviantart.com )

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