Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Desert Runner Complete

It's finally done folks and i'm quite happy with it! This is the first sculpture project I have ever really tried on. Sure i've attempted sculpey before, but it didn't take long for me to give up.

Anyway enjoy, i'm sure there are flaws and what not, but hey, i'm new.

Edit: OMGOSH LOL, I posted the same picture twice in the 2nd picture collection there. Oops!

Desert Runner posts:



Desert Runner - Update

So the glass goggles and the vest is complete! All that is left to do is to paint him!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

News & Desert Runner

Well big news everyone...
I have been accepted to the Animation program at Sheridan. Those who watch me already know since i've put it on my Facebook and my deviant art a few days back. Anyway, I want to share the progress of my 40% project for 3D. He's a desert runner, which is based off the following concept:

Unfortunately i'm not skilled enough with the sculpey to make it exactly the same. I also wanted the skin to be smooth, however the teacher wants texture, so this dood has been overloaded with scales, and a small scale texture along his tail made with my sculpting tool grip.

The saddle vest, and reigns I am going to attempt to make with pleather. The saddle vest will be modified to be removable though. Wether I can pull this off or not, we'll see, I want to make it work. I also have glass cutting tools at home so i'm going to get coloured glass and cut circles to go on top the goggles. I'm very excited for the end product, colours are something I have yet to decide on, though since my oven burnt his horns, it gave me an idea to keep those black.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bi-Weekly Art

An online pal of mine does a bi-weekly art challenge where he picks a topic and you draw it. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but I quite enjoy it because it gets me drawing different things.

It also gets me drawing stuff other than school related work so it's kinda nice as a change. Anyway the first week we started off with 'Get in the Game', which basically you draw your original character in your favourite video game. I chose Halo 3, and decided to take a realistic approach to it. Perhaps not realistically drawn, but the idea is more realistic in a sense that if the humans found some sort of anthro dragon, they are not going to trust it.

The second one is Week 2, Gender Bender. Choose a character in a video game or movie, or an original character, and switch their gender. I think the only reason I chose the Tank from Left 4 Dead is because it would be absolutely ridiculous. I asked my sister if I should add the garders and stockings and she was like "Totally! Do it!"
so she had her part in the creation of this as well. Anyway hahah, hope you ladies and gents enjoy this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Blog

Well i've decided from now on, personal posts about what Mike an I do, what I do in a day or random things, will be posted over here.
Artwork be it school or personal will remain on this blog here.

In other news, my next personal project is to draw chibi versions of the Wrecking Crews spartans.
In a way I can't wait to start, but I realize this will no doubt be a pain in my aft.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Whoah what's this? I have teeth!
In other news i'm back to Oakville, n' back to school on Monday. I'll just work on homework this weekend. And lately it has been crazy warm and i'm enjoying it! Lets just hope it stays this way.

In the art world I have entered a contest over on Newgrounds in hopes of winning the first place prize; a wacom tablet! I already have one, but the one i'm trying to win is shinier and possibly free so what the heck, worth a shot!
You basically just had to draw the artist naked and if you have humor to it then you have a better chance to win... why I decided to base it on Marilyn Monroe's skirt blowing photo, I don't know, but here it is.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Reading Week

I'm on it.
So mom and I took Mike grocery shopping yesterday, then drove him back to residence. I was sad to see him leave, I had gotten so used to waking up to him every morning, making breakfast, enjoying our time in front of the fire. We didn't think about what we wanted to do because there was so much time, I mean we had 11 days to do whatever the heck we wanted. We played Left 4 Dead, I did homework and portfolio stuff, we sat made smores in front of the fire, collected fire wood. We helped by washing dishes together, cleaning my room, watching movies and t.v.
It was just so perfect, and now I am sad to think that we won't have another opportunity like that for awhile. Though I have to say, my dad has officially bought B.C. tickets for this summer, and Mike is coming with me so that will be another opportunity to kinda live together again, hahah.
So anyway, now that i'm back in Fergus, i've already had a hair appointment and a root canal. Tomorrow I say good bye braces and hello stained teeth i'm gonna now have to work my arse off to get white again.

You know I used to have really white teeth, and i'm not trying to boast, no no, i'm just being honest. Though since the braces, they are yellow, and since my one tooth died, Mike and I started calling the tooth 'The G-man'... because the tooth is grey and creepy just like G-man.

So back to the braces removal thing, yes, i'm totally celebrating by chewing a whole pack of Hubba Bubba. I will probably drool so much, specifically on the side of my mouth where my nerves haven't healed from surgery yet. Lets just hope I don't choke because if I choked and died on Hubba Bubba after all that, i'm going to be royally pissed.

Apart from all the other appointments i'm going to get done, I gotta try and see a few palies before I go home on Friday. So far i've spent some quality time with the cat, he follows me around as usual. It's only 10:30 and i'm getting tired. Is this a sign i'm getting old? It must be, hah, kidding! Anyway tootles until next time, my portfolio is handed in and hopefully by the end of the month i'll know if I made it into the animation program.