Thursday, March 26, 2009

News & Desert Runner

Well big news everyone...
I have been accepted to the Animation program at Sheridan. Those who watch me already know since i've put it on my Facebook and my deviant art a few days back. Anyway, I want to share the progress of my 40% project for 3D. He's a desert runner, which is based off the following concept:

Unfortunately i'm not skilled enough with the sculpey to make it exactly the same. I also wanted the skin to be smooth, however the teacher wants texture, so this dood has been overloaded with scales, and a small scale texture along his tail made with my sculpting tool grip.

The saddle vest, and reigns I am going to attempt to make with pleather. The saddle vest will be modified to be removable though. Wether I can pull this off or not, we'll see, I want to make it work. I also have glass cutting tools at home so i'm going to get coloured glass and cut circles to go on top the goggles. I'm very excited for the end product, colours are something I have yet to decide on, though since my oven burnt his horns, it gave me an idea to keep those black.

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