Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creature List

In my spare time I like to create creatures and make them seem real by thinking of habitats, hunting patterns, behaviors and so on. Well I decided why not take this one step further, polish my creations and put them on a blog where I can share them?

So I did just that, although it takes a lot of time so I only have one creature at the moment. I found this incredibly fun to sit and think about how I want this creature to behave and so forth, it's also great to work on in spare time.

I think for now i'm going to sort creations by 'type' under labels, but i'm not sure what is really the most effective. For now it works!

Anyhow please check it out at:

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valentine's to me is very much a Hallmark holiday, I don't need one specific day out of the year to celebrate my love for my boyfriend!

That being said it's still nice to take the time to make something! Be it a nice meal or a piece of art :)

This year Mike made me pink pancakes for breakfast with a pink POM drink, he bought me a  bouquet of pink roses, and we're having a valentine's dinner (dessert is still a mystery to me!).

I feel bad because Mike made me breakfast and is making me dinner along with dessert, but i'm not totally empty handed! We like watching Adventure Time together so I decided to make an Adventure Time themed picture for him! I decided to include our antique  steins  because they were something we bought together and we like to drink out of them on party occasions!

Well, Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and if you're single then enjoy the chocolate and candies, and make sure to send some love in your friends and families direction!