Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Site

So i've updated my website!
I wish I could afford paying for an ad free site but I guess you gotta make due with what you can. Take a look!
Just Life

Christmas Sins

Between my new load of commissions and figuring out my holiday, i've started working on a personal project to keep me sane. Basically I am drawing my interpretation of the seven deadly sins. I refuse to look online for examples because I don't want to have someone elses ideas floating around in my head. Not like I would copy ideas but I want this purely out of my imagination.
So far I only have two to share with you, Lust still being in production you could say.

And here's a few fun Christmas spirit pictures to share with you all.
Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008


It's almost Christmas, I hope you have all your shopping done!
As for me, just need to wrap em' all up!
Oakville has gotten a bit more snow, though I doubt it'll be around tomorrow evening. Mom picked me up this past weekend and we went to Tillsonburg to visit my papa. There was so much snow that hit in the span of 7 hours. I got a few photos, though Fergus still has their amazingly huge amount of snow. I'm not surprised, snow belt n' all.
Anyway here's a few pictures to keep you amused. The dragon was just an old sketch I needed to finish, and the other one was a commission.