Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School Trouble

Well it's not really trouble, i've just been in a bit of a hooplah and running around in a circle in the span of four weekdays. Basically I was offered a conditional offer to Animation. At first I thought this just meant it's only conditional because I haven't accepted the offer yet. So lah dee dah, over to, fiddle around for 40 minutes to figure out my password and get a new one sent to me then finally, phew, accept my offer.

I thought it was all over and I was happy and celebrating!...

too soon Laura...
too soon.

I don't have four U or M level credits from highschool so I have to pass Art Fundamentals successfully instead to get in. Easy, great isn't it?
Well it would have been great had I been able to get into my english class when they were offering! I didn't worry too much at the time cause I was like ok I can't get in, but that's ok, they'll use my highschool transcript!
Nope, my transcript failed me.

So now I have to take english in the summer. At first I was really bummed about it, but really, it's once a week, at night in Oakville, assuming I can't take the same course at the UoG instead. I'll just have to get my boss to schedule my days off during when I need to go in for class.


In other news, happy easter everyone. I know it might not mean much to all of you, but at least enjoy pigging out on ham plz?? And here is my week 3 bi-weekly art submission. The rule this week was: "Either A) combine two or more characters/elements of two or more favorite content material, i.e. comics, games, movies, cartoons, etc. Or B) Amalgamate two or more characters/elements of two or more content material."

So I chose the snipers from Team Fortress 2 and Killzone 2, and stuck em' in Disney Land.

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