Monday, November 24, 2008

Behind the Lense

So this weekend I went to visit Mike.
One of our plans was to go downtown Hamilton to take photos on Saturday, but it was too cold. Mike's mom is fixing his winter jacket, so in the meantime all he has is sweaters. That's hardly enough in the cold weather we're getting now.
Though we decided on a quick change of plans.
Instead of going home Sunday, I decided to go home Monday instead. I had already handed in my homework so I wasn't missing out on anything. That being said, Sunday turned out to be a lot warmer, so we took this opportunity to bus down to the town.
After we got back and warmed up, we went to put up the photos on the photoshop account Mike has, but his limit was full. We decided to make a joint account at Shutterfly, since whenever there is any 'serious' photo taking going on, i'm with Mike.
Please check it out! Behind the Lense
Unfortunately by switching to shutterfly, the quality of our photos isn't so good because they are not at full resolution like they should. Benefit to this site is it has unlimited photo uploads. Unlimited photo uploads is good enough for us, we just want to share our adventures while in school/stranded.
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