Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been awhile

So I guess I should try and sum up my two weeks.
Here we go!

Thanksgiving was awesome.
Saturday morning I went to a local breakfast place where I got to catch up with some of my friends. After wards, I picked up Mike from Zehrs and did a few things while I was there. We had dinner with my mom that evening. It was nice to see her and be able to spend some time with her.

Sunday I picked up Mike from work again as his mom was busy cooking at home. When we arrived to his place, his family was already there and waiting for us. Mike got ready upstairs which gave me some time to catch up with his family. There was lots and lots of food, which when you're a student, family meals like this is a god send.

Now fast forward >>

Birthday. I didn't do anything on the actual day, but a lot of people called me. I was sick of the phone, though it was nice to hear from people. Mike won the birthday race and called me in the morning, then after coming back home from class, I got a call from papa, mom, mike, christie, kaillie, dad, then I had to call Christie back.
I kinda felt bad because I had been hogging the phone all night, so thankfully Christie was open to Skyping instead.

Mom was working all weekend and couldn't pick me up until the following Monday, so Mike came down. We chilled the Friday after he arrived, he had a cold and was really stressed out from trying to figure out the train/bus. Normally he comes down on a Saturday but we've started Fridays now.
He also gave me my gift! The card he got me was awesome because it said cake! But using his creative side, he drew the portal cake on the front, then drew the companion cube inside. I actually thought it was part of the card at first, until he told me he drew it. Kinda has more meaning because he drew the stuff on, I think anyway.

He got me a nice candle holder, which when I get back to Oakville, i'll take a picture of it. He also got me a Labbit. I have never seen them before, so I hope he wasn't offended when I had to take a few seconds to stare at it. Its really really cool, and comes with four different attachments that you can stick in its mouth. It's like a cuter version of Mr.Potato Head. I enjoyed the gifts, and even though i'm not allowed to have candles in my room, i'll still get a few tealights for those nights that I just need to relax.

Saturday we went to the mall and chugged double shot, Starbucks cappuccino things in the mini cans. Then we proceeded to get silly. I wanted to go to the toy section in Sears, and I ended up attacking him with Hulk plush hands. The Saturday night we went to East Side's, enjoyed some yummy food, and I ordered a raspberry, triple sec and tequila drink. It was really good!

Sunday was kind of a slow, sleepy day. It usually is because we know Sunday is the day we go our seperate ways. Though, it got more exciting at night when Mike decided he would stay until Monday, that way mom could drive him back to Hamilton.

We watched Ratatouille Sunday night because neither of us had seen it, and we're limited for movies at my place. It was actually really good! I didn't know what to expect since it never really struck me as interesting before.

Now i'm back home, tomorrow i'll probably go to the neighboring town and find possible Christmas gifts. I'm starting early folks!
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