Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Already my mind is in over drive thinking about Christmas. It's because i'm stuck in Oakville all of November, so if I can figure out some stuff now, it'll be less running around by Christmas.
I wanted to get Mike a Rammstein, Volkerball zippo, but it's 45.00 EUR, then another 25 for shipping. As much as I know he would love that, I really can't afford spending basically $110.00 CAN for something so small. Maybe someday I can afford to spend money on small things like that, but this year people will have to deal with gift cards and small gifts.

Tomorrow i'm going to be with my friend Shelly, she's going to have to put up with being dragged downtown, then up to the mall and back. I don't think she minds that much though.

How about you guys? Needing to stress over gifts or anything?
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