Monday, September 15, 2008

Police Investigation

Ok well, first on Friday we had a model in our 3D class which is basically sculpting. We had to draw a profile view and frontal view, but she turned in her chair to face a different direction every 3 minutes. Needless to say, it was pretty annoying.
Then from our drawings we had to sculpt the side profile view, which I managed to do ok, though the nose is too big!

So then came Saturday and I was really excited because it was my turn to visit Mike! I hit up No Frills and picked up some goods. It was super humid but it was spitting a bit outside, which was really nice to keep me a bit cooled down. At about 8:10am, I got to the train station and my train was cancelled. They didn't tell me why, but they were providing GO buses to take us en route all the way to Hamilton.

While I was waiting for the bus, there was a guy who was on his phone saying there was a fatality on the tracks. I wasn't sure how to take that because he could have been speaking figuratively. When we finally reached Hamilton, I was the only one on the bus and I asked the bus driver why the trains were cancelled. She paused a bit and hummed and hawwed and finally said, "Lets just say there is a police investigation."

Fair enough.


So Mike met me and we were happy happy! and then we walked to the next bus spot to be taken to his residence. Mike was telling me there was a lady in the bus station who was yelling the KKK stole her boots and there was a mass genocide against her race... she was also caucasian. White.
She was a bit crazy. Then she started saying, "You Canadians are so fucking stupid, don't even know where the pharmacy is!" and someone yelled out,
"If you don't like Canada, go back home you crazy bitch!"

So anyway, we arrived at residence, I signed in, and got to see his room. I really like it, it's cozy! Which, maybe he doesn't think its cozy, but I think it is. We chilled for a bit at first, then walked over to Walmart and got some stuff at the strip mall. Only minutes after we got home, it started to piss pour outside. We decided to have our pasta lunch with a rosemary bun thing with a fancy name that I bought at Artisano's.. phew run on sentance! : D

Mike showed me around his school and I got to see some of his classes. Over night we had Guru for the first time (it was good! though made us feel a bit sick), we watched the movie Postal (hilarious!), and watched lots of Code Monkeys. It was really fun!
I had a bit of difficulty falling asleep, mainly cause i'm not used to someone next to me, though I eventually fell asleep.

In the morning we lounged around in bed then had this chocolate chunk flakey thing cereal, it's made by presidents choice. It's ok, but I would never buy it again. At 6:05pm, we headed down to the local transit so I had lots of time to find my bus at the Hamilton Go Center. I miss him so much, and I woulda looked over and waved when I got in the bus, but it started moving sooner than I expected and nearly fell onto someone, hahah. Anyway, got home safely, walked home in the rain, and thought I got locked out the house but simply didn't push the door hard enough.

Anyway, today was my first life drawing session, yay!
and srsly, old people have odd shapes cause their skin sags down,
not just breasts but everything else too.

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