Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Line, Shape, Texture

Update: Got an A-
So the point of this project was just to familiarize us with line, shape, and texture. It's a design class, so with the stuff we've learned, we had to create a final composition. This is one of my final compositions, this one is more empty but I like the skull. In general it's supposed to be abstract and not have anything... I guess, 'familiar', but I wanted a skull and a sorta decay look to it so I hid the skull in a more stylized way.
The other one has far more detail and has a futuristic look to it, it would be the one I want to hand in. It'll just be harder to replicate from the rough draft because I have so much in it.
I'll post the other one when I finish it, I gotta do some other important homework but mom is visiting tomorrow night, and i'm not going to be around this weekend so I only have Friday night to finish Mondays homework, and Monday during the day to finish Tuesdays homework.
I'm not too worried about it : )
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