Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cool Beans

I got up early like I said I would, and Mike ended up sleeping in!
Hahah, that was totally cool with me though, I just showered and what not while I was waiting.

The days are still hot, and I still choose to wear pants because I shaved my legs and got severe razor burn and so many knicks it looks like I got a swarm of black flies in my pants. So, because I don't think that is something to show off; pants it is.

So it was English class today, more specifically Basic Communication Skills class. I was a little meh about it at first but it wasn't all too bad. The first two hours is a lecture, which will be brutal for me because I find it hard to focus when the teacher just talks and talks. I'll just have to take a lot of notes. So yes, 2 hours of lecture, then for the last hour we migrate to the 'E' wing and go to the computer lab. That's where we do our work online to have a try at whatever the teacher blabbed about for 2 hours.

We learned about a system today where we put in our student ID number and username, and we can access lectures online, see what other people are online with the same system. You can look at your assignment marks, n' probably so much more. Well, there's basically an msn function but it's a group. Our class got bored, and 12 of us were in there saying the most random things ever, it was quite amusing! There's also a whiteboard function in this chat thing so people are drawings faces, penises complete with hairy balls. There was African tribal faces, french artists smoking weed, Shoop Da Whoop (done by yours truley); you see this is what happens when a bored art class discovers the drawing function.

Everything went by pretty quick after that, I tagged along with a girl from my fundies class, and a guy tagged along with us. We went to 'The Book Store', which is basically the store with all text books and art supplies you could dream of. Some stuff in there, like Micron pens, are 2 bucks cheaper than their price in Fergus! I only picked up a folder with the different tabs and plastic seperators. I have a booklet full of lined paper for taking notes in English.

After the bookstore, we parted ways and headed home.

Good news! Mike is coming over this weekend! I am going to make a chicken dinner, hopefully it turns out alright. For lunch on either Saturday or Sunday, I want to take him to this new bakery that's opened up near me. Home made pizza there, breads, panini's, sandwiches, salads etc.
Smells so good in there, it's got comfy chairs and the price is right. It's only about a 8 minute walk from my place, which is nice, and it's healthy eats which appeals to the both of us.

While I checked that bakery out today (i'll get the name of it if we go), I found out there was an art store right next door (Curry's I think). I went over and bought two art pencils, a small sketchbook, lineart pen, and other various items for Mike. He can't play Steam in residence because they have it blocked. He also can't play xbox live, he can play local, but not live; again, because it's blocked.

I figured maybe he could doodle if he ever got bored, I mean, if he doesn't use it, it doesn't bother me any but at least he has it.

From the art store I went home, crossed on the wrong side of the intersection but didn't get run over. I attempted to do my homework but my white acrylic paint was way too watery so i'm going to buy a new one tomorrow. Then I attempted to build this two drawer thing on the end of my bed. It looks ok, but you can tell something isn't right.
Oh well! It works, I put all my art supplies in there from my art fundies kit (my shoulders still hurt). I have a better idea what stuff I bring for what class for next week so I won't kill my back.
Plus I have my pink, spiffy backpack!

I spoke to Mike on the phone for a bit, had a basic dinner, organised my room, played a bit of Castle Crashers, and now i'm playing Halo 3 with my Wreckin' Crew pals.
Tomorrow I have two three hour classes, i'm not looking forward to that... on a Friday! of all days! But I have Saturday to look forward to : )

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