Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day

Hello again!

So I got up at 6:15 in the morning. I sat up and started to think 'I wonder if anyone else is up.'
Next thing I know, the girl in the room next to me gets up (heard her alarm), and yoinked the shower.
I shouldn't have waited that extra 5 minutes.
I popped downstairs and attempted to toast an english muffin, but didn't figure it out properly until the girl got out the shower. So long story short, got ready and walked to school, and walked the perimeter of the school until finally found my class.

Well here's the fun part right, I was looking at my Monday classes... but it was Tuesday. So for the first two hours myself, and another girl who made the same mistake, sat in our Monday Art Fundamentals.

We finally figured it out, went to our other class in the last hour, felt like idiots, (or at least I did), and turns out we didn't miss much. Then after classes we walked around together, didn't exchange many words but it wasn't awkward.
I guess we were both just too focused on looking around the school, taking in the surroundings.
We had to pick up art 'kits' for fundies, and kits sounds simple, small cute thing right?


A large cardboard thing that holds paper, and about a 50 pound black bag. That bag is over half my weight, and I will never forget the pain and frustration it took to get that damned thing home. Either shoulder is rubbed raw, even my bra straps hurt to touch the skin.

When I got home an hour after leaving the school (normally 20 minute walk), I threw the stuff down in my room, typed to Mike, vented my frustrations with shaky hands, then went for a two hour nap. I got up and walked over to the mall and picked up a few things. I was in Shoppers and the most random thing came to my attention.

There in front of me "19" Flat Screen, Clearance."
Regularily around $250, was on sale for $199.99. I needed a tv and this was perfect. I was a bit iffy because it's not a well known brand (LLOYD'S) but like I said; I needed a tv. I tried Halo today and I didn't do so bad. I think I made a good choice.
Besides, anything else I could find on the internet for that price was 13", or 15". While I would probably be getting better quality with those tv's, this is for college so I can play xbox, watch movies, or tv, I don't need anything spiffy.

So here I am, just relaxing. My class doesn't start until 3 tomorrow, i'll head in for 2 so I can explore a bit more and find where I can get my Student Card made.
While I have your attention, check out my room!

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