Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ms.McSneaks Weekend Sneakies

So Saturday dad came over to visit, so I got up early to get ready.
Though, while in the shower I was thinking how if dad took me home that evening, I could surprise mom, and then Mike the next day. So after getting ready, I nipped downstairs and long story short; got everything planned through Mike's mom.

Dad arrived and I made him breakfast, we socialized with my roomies and then headed out for a bit of exploring. We first headed down to the waterfront and found out there was a pathway. Finding parking was really difficult but eventually we did. Walked along there for a bit and found a nice bench to sit on and catch up. We went back to the house and picked up San and Jamie, then headed over to my school. Jamie was kind enough to show us around the animation department, and after San and her went to their extra life drawing class, I showed dad around the rest of the school; or, at least my wing. Afterwards dad and I explored the down town shops, which was pretty cool, a lot of paintings were for sale on the streets.
It was getting late and I still needed to hit up the LCBO so we headed on over there, picked up wine (for Mike and I's dinner), then nipped over to The Keg. I ordered a Keg Size prime rib and I fell in love, oooh my goodness it was so. good.
We enjoyed our yummy dinner, then started on our way back to Fergus. Dad was really tired so he simply dropped me off and headed back to his hotel. The next day he had the market so he needed to be up early.

So as I walked in the door, Sudzy typically came running up, though i'm sure he was expecting mom. Hi Sudzy! He instantly started purring before I even touched him, and for 40 minutes, I sat in front of the tv, petting my happy cat while watching some x-men cartoon, then Transformers animated came on. By the way, concerning the x-men cartoon I was watching, yeah, I was angry because the style in which they were drawn, emphasizes an impossible human form. No wonder self-esteem is so low.

It was getting closer to the time mom had to come home, so I hid in my sisters room. Mom came home, Sudzy went to see her, but then he stood in front of my sisters room because he knew I was in there. I was watching him from around the corner of the closet, and he kept looking back at my mom then back into the room. He then walked in and meowed at my feet.
I felt like he was trying to get my mom to come into the room to see me.
He shut up after two mews, mom walked by and went into my room for the computer. She failed to notice all my stuff in the corner by the closet, so I stalked down the hall, poked my head around the corner and smiled
“You weren’t lying when you said you were getting addicted to that computer.”
She just kinda stared at me for a second then said, “how did you get here??”

We had a long chit-chat and went to bed. She slept in for work, so I got up at 8, ate breakfast and watched a bit of tv. Mike’s mom picked me up at 9:30 and we headed over to the house. She walked in first, but I had to shut the door, which makes a bit of a click. Thankfully Mike didn’t think anything of it. So his mom went into the kitchen, they exchanged a few words, and when he wasn’t paying attention, I scratched his back a bit, He looked back and I ended up startling him because I was the last person he expected to be there. My legs were all shakey because I was so excited to see him.
Anyway we went to Church (new experience for me), I really enjoyed the experience and would totally go again! It was fun to see people I knew and get a bit more insight from something I really don’t know much about. I’ll admit I was a bit lost a few times but that’s ok. Afterwards Mike and I headed over to Walmart because we needed to pick up some stuff, plus to kill a bit of time. I had dinner at his place, we played Dutch Blitz (I will totally own you someday Mike… you watch) and my friend Dana picked us up. She goes to the same school as Mike, as well as my friend Cassidy, so I got to see them before I made her drop me off at home. Mom got off work and soon after she drove me home.
It was nice to surprise everyone, but I don’t think I would do it again if mom was working like she was.

Oh, and I have more art to share. I'll post it next week in a giant art poop. I want my painting back that I did this week, it friggen pwned (top in the class ya'll!).

And my xbox live group loves me. This all happened in a span of 8 seconds, and thats not even all the messages hahah. Thanks guys ^_^;

Oh! And we got our first official challenges!
Unfortunately I won't be able to play alongside the Crew but that's ok, i'll be recording the final scores here: X3F Wrecking Crew (I made the site for them). It will be under 'Challenges'.
I'm seeing Mike this weekend! I'm leaving Friday instead this time instead of the usual Saturday morning, so I hope it's all good.
I really need to get to bed.

- Laura
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