Friday, September 5, 2008

Halo x Anime

So I randomly searched Spartans on Deviant Art, I was fully expecting the majority of deviations to be half naked men from 300, but I wanted to see if there were halo pics i've missed.
Thats when I came across this:

It's a good piece, don't get me wrong but honestly.
I feel like the realism related to Halo is down graded when I see this cross.

I can't see anyone fully understanding how I feel about this unless they've read the Halo 3 novels. You learn about brutality, sacrifice, heroism, innocence. You follow the Spartans lives, you follow the war in so much more detail, more than any video game could provide.

I'm sure there are many movies and tv shows done in anime style that tug at human emotions, but the difference is anime lacks the realism that Halo brings. To mix anime with Halo is almost confusing.

The art style of anime I find is very juvenile, which is another thing that could fall under the whole 'lacking realism'. I don't know, personally, I think no one should ever draw an anime x halo cross. I know i'll draw halo with anthro characters, but those are for silly fun with my friends.

I rest my case.
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