Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting Comfortable

So as I previously mentioned, my class didn't start until 3 today. A bit disappointing at first because you have most the day off and suddenly, school! It was a bit too early to call my love, Mike, and San was still home (don't like talking on the corded phone when people are home), so I decided to try the trial game of Castle Crashers. Absolutely amazing might I add. Mike came on soon after, and San left about 20 minutes later.

With the living room empty, I headed down and spoke to Mike for an hour. He was telling me he had nothing to do this coming weekend so he might visit! This made my day, no, my entire week that much more awesome knowing I might get to see him. There still is that chance he won't be able to, but we'll see. After getting off the phone I went up, played a bit of Halo 3 (kicked butt in Team SWAT), went for my shower and headed off to school.

I felt a bit better about having a later class soon after I arrived. My class is filled with some pretty sweet, friendly people so I felt at home. After class, I walked with a girl named Lisa (same girl who on day 1 went to the wrong class with me) to the hall that leads to residence. We parted our ways there, she went to residence, I continued on to get my Student ID card done up.

Only took about 3 minutes to get it done, though my picture is horrible! I thought my lips were resting in a comfortable, smirking sorta position... boy was I wrong.
They kinda just stick out, like when you hold a spoon under your nose using your lips; same idea, though not as exaggerated. I guess it could have been worse? Good thing is, i'm sure many students go through various stages of embarassing photos.

Anyway, I headed over to the Oakville Center after school and picked up 1400 microsoft points at EB Games, and also picked up a fan from Sears. Now the humid air in my room can be blown around! Yes!

I played more Castle Crashers, this time the full version, online with my X3F Wrecking Crew buddies (our halo 3 group... or, clan but less serious you could say). Mitch randomly came upstairs to see what I was up to, I think the room mates are warming up to me, then he saw my xbox and was really really happy. Now that I think about it, he was probably wondering who the heck I was talking to... Anyway, I told him he's welcome to play it whenever i'm not home, or even when I am home and not doing anything.

I went downstairs and made dinner, watched the end of the 6th Star Wars, then spoke to my mom on the phone. I went back upstairs for a bit because Jamie's parents arrived for a visit. I offered them some of my pop (cause I really shouldn't be drinking it), then unpacked my fan. I went back downstairs and dropped the box into the garage, but instead of retiring back to my room, I sat on the stairs and socialized. Soon after I sat in the living room with Jamie, Mitch, and San.

I don't really know how it started, but everyone started singing as San was playing the guitar. I attempted to play the didjeridoo (haven't played for 2 years), then Jamie taught me a bit about how to play the bongo. That was fun!
They said I had an ear for music, which, I love music but couldn't take it in highschool because there was no room in my schedule. Good to hear I still got it in me. I made popcorn for them (burnt the first bag by accident), enjoyed their music, and suddenly I was joining in, full out singing... and was liking it.

It was the first time I had ever sang full out without feeling embarassed or shy, because they didn't care, they were just having fun. To top it all off, we ended up singing Hakuna Matada, then watched The Lion King.

This week will be complete if I get to see Mike, but we'll see.
For now, I must retire to my bed!
Though I wish I got to speak to Mike tonight, it's like a little part of me is missing because I never got to say goodnight, or I love you. I'm setting my alarm for 8 so I can tell him first thing in the morning!

Bye for now,

... FRACK, the fruit flies follow me! I HAVE NO FOOD, BUG OFF!... no pun intended ; )

Wreckin' Crewwww! I'm True Tiamat

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