Monday, September 8, 2008

School Again

After Mike left on Sunday, I plopped down and played some Castle Crashers and Halo 3 to keep my mind busy. I also finished the picture above! The knight is Mike, and the princess is me before my hair was lopped off for school.
I spoke to Mike on the phone Sunday night, he made it home alright and explained a bit more about the route i'll have to be taking on Saturday when I go to visit him.

Also! Oh! Okay, so I ordered Photoshop CS3 Extended from Sheridan's online store, Journey Ed or something. Well, everything was good until they said to me, oh you need to fax your proof of being enrolled and you only have 7 days to do it. I'm too lazy, and I don't want to run around for a fax machine before I was leaving for BC, so I was like screw it, i'll stick with Elements.

Well, two weeks later, this past Saturday actually, I get an e-mail from mom saying I received a package. What?

Yup, they sent it anyway. I don't mind, I only saved myself the trouble!

Soooo 6:20am wake up call this morning, and tomorrow too, but I like it because then I get off class at 11 and I get the rest of the day!

I went to my Line drawing class (the one I accidentally went to last Tuesday) today, which I was tempted to skip but then I thought, ehh maybe he will do things differently. Well... it was a waste of 2 hours, but I got out an hour early so that's not too bad.

I attempted to pick up OSAP, I had everything but a void cheque, which sucks, I need mulah! And I figured out how to opt out the mandatory health benefits through my school since I already have benefits. And cute Castle Crasher knights ftw.
I got new white paint too, aparently a lot of people got really watered down paint in their art fundies kits. Tomorrow I have a feeling is going to be brutally boring, I don't really like the teacher. He's slow, which we'll probably be thankful for later when we get into more difficult things, but right now... ugh
Next project; paint a colour wheel!


Soooo yeah. When I got home today I worked on a few things, then ended up going for a nap. I had to nap with my IKEA pillow beside me, otherwise the bed feels so empty with Mike gone. When I got up I started to work a bit on a commission n' what not. Not a whole not interesting.
I should go to bed soon, since, I want to be awake for my boring class tomorrow, hahah.

Night everyone!

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