Sunday, February 22, 2009

Over a Week

So Mike is on his reading week and is down here with me for just over a week. Unfortunately I can't skip many classes because my reading week is coming up so teachers are loading us with homework plus my portfolio is due this Friday.
I guess I should pay for my portfolio fee! It's actually the first three days of March you have to hand it in, but I gotta get teeth work done so a friend of mine has to hand it in for me. I think I should buy her something to kinda thank her for doing that for me.

In other news, Mike and I stayed up a bit later last night playing Left 4 Dead and when I looked outside, it was so bright! Well, bright for 11 at night. Figure because there was a low cloud cover that it was reflecting the city lights. The pictures don't really show what the real lighting conditions were like but you can see how easily it was for the camera to adjust the lighting.

It was really neat to see the sky like that and how light it was. So now it's Sunday, i'm going to be doing homework later today, i'm just chillin' for now while Mike plays some of Counter Strike and Team Fortress. I've got a cold so I feel a little slow and tired all the time, but i'm getting better!

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