Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My mouth is so frigged in this picture but i'm showing it anyway.
So Sunday morning I went to church with Mike, his mom and his sister. At the end, I was given a red flower as there were leftovers from the valentines breakfast previous day.
From there we went on over to Mike's grandparents where we celebrated his cousin's 3rd birthday, and his grandpa's birthday. We had pizza for lunch along with salad and a Care bear cake for dessert. Gifts were opened and the best part was when Faith, Mike's cousin, opened her gift vigorously from grandma and grandpa, it was a beautiful doll with a white cotton jacket with pink trim. Well Faith pulled it up close to her face, furrowed her brow, and threw it at the ground with as much anger and strength a 3 year old could muster. Everyone laughed but I felt bad for his grandparents because they were a little confused, though Mike's uncle explained Faith hates babies and will eventually get used to the doll. After wards we all hung out for a bit longer, Mike's mom couldn't open the gifts for her because she had a meeting to get to, so I drove Mary and Mike home soon after his mom left.

We hung around for about two hours at Mike's place after that, then headed over to my moms to spend some time with her. We ordered pizza from Domino's Pizza (I know we had pizza for lunch but we wanted to try Domino's! And when Mike and I picked it up, we almost got ran over by the delivery woman who was in a rush. When we returned, we watched a movie called The Secret Life of Bees, which I don't think Mike was interested in but he was good about it. Didn't stop us from making the odd joke at the movie.
After that we just watched tv. I was hoping to play Skip-Bo or something with mom but it seems if you want to spend time with her at night you gotta just watch tv.
Oh well, we had fun. Monday I went over to my friend Eulalia's because her and Kirsty were home and I managed to spend some time with them. After that it was back to Oakville! I went to class today and it was pretty fun, had the whole class to paint the model and I think mine turned out alright, I handed it in to be evaluated so perhaps I can show it to you next week.

And sorry Mike but I think this picture is cute so i'm going to share it! Ah hah! He won't really find out anyway, he has no reason to read my blog because most of it is about what we're up to or art I showed him already hahah.
Anyway this is him playing his cousins Bratz guitar while i'm curled up in the corner of the sofa, amused by his antics.

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