Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Hobby

So a new little hobby of Mike's is taking Polaroid photos. While it's not exactly a cheap hobby, it's certainly a fun one.  In our day of age it's easy to take a great photo thanks to digital technology, but when you take a step back in time and use Polaroids, you don't have a choice of whether the photo you're about to take is going to turn out great, or not turn out at all.

I think the most fun thing about Polaroids is that no matter what you take a photo of, it is bound to be interesting. Even if it doesn't come out perfect, it's the imperfections that make it better.

The Polaroid company had shut down in 2008 but ten of the original staff didn't want to give up and bought up the production machinery from Polaroid. To this day they are still developing the film from scratch and over countless hours of hard work and dedication, they have achieved the impossible. 
The Impossible Project

Here are some of the photos Mike and I have taken over the past few days! We're still learning

One thing that sometimes happens with Polaroids is tearing (top of picture). 

If you took this photo with a digital camera you would just delete it 
because it's blurry and for some of you it's probably just uninteresting. 
With Polaroid though, imperfect photos is an art form. 

We found out after the fact that UV+ Polaroids won't work under 10 degrees celcius :(

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