Thursday, February 18, 2010



         So I managed to have a mini vacation before crunch time and it was great! Mike has been wanting to take me to Ottawa for awhile now and this past weekend we were finally able to go. The six hour drive wasn't so bad, well it took probably about 7, close to 8 hours because farther down the 401 there was bad traffic that took forever to clear. We just talked, ate and look through the window to pass the time.

      We arrived in Ottawa at about 10, I can't remember exactly, so we went and picked up Mike's sister Mary, where we went to her friends place to stay for the weekend (they were on their honeymoon so we had the place to ourselves). The next day, the first thing we did was eat, get ready and walk on down to the canal. We were there just before 10 (Mike, Mary and their mum don't take forever to get ready like my family) and it wasn't too busy which was nice, and even if it was busy, it was hard to tell because the canal is so big!

      After the canal, we took a walk back to the apartment to drop off our stuff, then went to the market. The market was nice, but it was so busy that it was hard to keep your patience. I wanted to go into a candy store, but just from all the shadows I could see through the windows, I didn't want to go in anymore hahah. It was probably a healthier choice for me anyway. We also went and looked at the ice sculptures and there were a lot of dragons (which was cool!)


After all said and done, it was a great trip and I hope to go back again sometime for more than just a weekend. The trip home consisted of sleep and more sleep :)

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