Friday, December 4, 2009

Painting Assignment

So I spent 17 hours on the sucker and might I add the photos do no good to show the details *sad face* but i've included the best one. Anyway the teacher said she expects the students to work the same amount of time it would take her to do the same painting. Fair enough, although it seems kinda silly to compare yourself with a painter who has worked for Nelvana for a good portion of her life. Anyway she looked at my painting, she really liked it, but said she could do it in 8 hours.

Bah, there was a lot of having to remix paint and go over things again in my painting, so that is to blame for slowness (and Inglorious Basterds). This painting is put on display in the school, but once I get it back i'll try to scan it with the schools large scanners.

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