Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Before Christmas

Well I came home this weekend because I really needed to get some Christmas shopping done! So Friday I came home and visited Mike and his mum a little (had to get my brush from him too!). Saturday mum and I were up early and off to Conestoga mall, which was PACKED by the way. We arrived at 10:30am and the mall parking lot was full, it had only been open for an hour! I guess everyone has the same idea to come early. Anyway, ended up getting most the shopping done but I have a few people left. We picked Mike up on our way home and set up our Christmas tree and played Scrabble with mum. I developed a weird stomach ache that night and felt like I was going to be sick so Mike took a taxi home instead of me driving him. Sunday I went to church where I found out Mike had walked home the night before instead of taking a taxi. I felt bad but he said he didn't mind and that he actually enjoyed the walk because it was snowing and he could see all the Christmas lights. We then visited Mike's grandparents and met their new family member, Barkley! He's a bernese mountain dog, though i'm unsure of his age, possibly 5 months? After that we went back and set up his mum's tree and had a nice roast dinner. I included some photos I took, two being of the grandfather clock, and one is just a little skull on a key chain, sitting on some little sticks. Sunset is a beautiful time to take photos.

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