Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So I did a tattoo design for a long time internet buddy of mine, and it's really cool to see a design I did, translated to skin!

Overall i'm incredibly happy with the result, but part of me knows it's not quite the same...
I honestly don't know how hard it is to draw on skin, or the process in how they copy a piece of work, so i'm apologizing in advance in case the following statement offends tattoo artists or anyone who knows their stuff...

Seeing how my drawing translates into a tattoo, while it looks absolutely fantastic no doubt, it's just not quite the same and I think it puts me off from getting tattoo work being done on me. I mean, if I were to get something done, it would be my own art, but I would want the artist to make it exactly the same or somehow better. If i'm not happy with the result, well...  unless you can afford laser removal it's there to stay. Again, I do apologize if how I feel is taken as an insult to tattoo artists, I mean, i've seen some pretty AMAZING stuff out there and this one still turned out great, i'm just a picky artist I guess!

A big thank you to Valentino for picking me to design a tattoo that will forever remain as a mark on him. It is an honour and despite what I said above, i'm still happy with the result and it really does look fantastic. I look forward to, someday, seeing the rest of the tattoos you get, and the smoke and fire added on. 

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