Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Car Show 2012

So around this time of the year we would be heading over to the Toronto Zoo, but this time we had to go to the Toronto Auto Show.  When I was younger I would go to the car show with my dad, which was fun for the first hour but then it just gets a bit boring (sorry dad). Being older and going for the sake of art made it a bit more fun, but I honestly was just more interested in looking at the cars and taking pictures.
            Anyhow here are my sad attempts at drawing cars hahah, I tried!
Also for some reason I just cannot get tires to look right in the wheel well. It seems so simple and yet I can never pull it off, just makes me want to practice drawing cars more often.

So this VW I was my first car I tried to draw but eventually I just gave up. I just couldn't quite get it and at this point it was getting into the afternoon so our area was getting busier. I also tried a Ferrari in pen but I ran out of space on the page... which was a shame because I felt like I was getting somewhere with it.

The top one was a Maserati. I tried to draw it a lot smaller on the page but I ended up taking up the whole page again and I think it caused me to subconsciously shrink it. It looked fine at the time but after scanning it in and looking at it on the computer, I feel like it's shrunk and weird looking.
The VW was fun to draw with that bubble trunk but again, once I scanned it in, I feel like it's not quite right. 

Overall the trip taught me I need to work on my cars for sure, 
but I had a good time and will probably continue to attend.

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