Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You know,  today I was really irked.
Maybe irked isn't the right word, let me try that again...
Today I was really saddened.

To be honest, it's been happening a lot lately. Just seeing other peoples work makes me wish I could be them. The thing is, my skills are with animals, not humans, and as a result I don't think my artwork is appreciated as much. It's disappointing really.

I remember last year, a student in my class (i'm not going to give names) came up to me and said "do you just draw dragons?" and while some people may shrug it off and say whatever, I couldn't. I barely draw my most favourite creature anymore because again, I feel like it can't be appreciated, I feel like it's looked down upon if you can't draw a human being as strong as anyone else.

I understand the only way to get better is to practice and over time I will get better, maybe even surpass those I idolize, but in the meantime, it's a hard battle.  I'm not asking to be showered with compliments, I just don't want to be forgotten as "that girl who drew animals." 

I have to say though, Shimo in our class made my week last week because she complimented my Royal drawings <3 made me feel really good about my art for once.

Screw it. Have a drawing of Mike and I riding a dragon. ACCEPT IT.

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